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This website is established under the regulation of Tuladhar Trade International (TTI). With the profound history of over 30 years of serving in the automobile sector in Nepal, TTI has been able to outshine throughout the years by maintaining excellent relationship with the customers all across Nepal. In addition, TTI has also been able to preserve an excellent relationship with the local suppliers within and also international suppliers from Singapore, Thailand, India, Dubai and many more. 


Strongly enduring with its rich history in the automobile sector in Nepal, TTI is now diversifying its method to reach the Nepalese auto-driven customers widely in more efficient manner. This is to say, by understanding the trend of consumer’s buying behaviors, TTI undertakes the value of staying relevant in the market with the availability of technological opportunities. Thus, TTI’s new born e-commerce platform, Automobuy.com, tends to create a more convenient marketplace for its Nepalese auto-driven customers with the help of modern technological leverages to satisfy automotive needs.


Automobuy.com is launched with the vision to transform the buying behaviors of Nepalese auto-driven customers to eradicate the trouble of finding the right automotive products and services in best possible prices and transform in becoming the largest online automobile marketplace for the customers. Moving along with the modern business trend, Automobuy.com is established as a first-mover in this sector of Nepalese automobile market with the technological leverages that helps both our customers and suppliers to bridge a closer gap and fulfill the automotive needs promptly.



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