BP Vanellus C3 ( 15w-40 CF-4 ) 20 ltrs.

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Technical specification Overview Vanellus Multi 15W-40 meets the following specifications*. ACEA E2 API CG-4 MB-Approval 228.1 MTU Oil Category 1 • More trucks served: Covers wide range of important OEMs • Less inventory - less mistakes: Wide OEM coverage helps to serve most trucks with only one product, reduce inventory, reduce stress and complexity to avoid mistakes • Trusted brand: Global trusted brand adds credibility to workshop service offer Benefits for consumers • Reliable engine protection - Peace of mind against breakdown: Reduces soot and wear to maximise engine response • Up to 30% cleaner engine* - More reliable engine: Keeping engine cleaner and running smoother with less downtime

Brand: BP

Series: Vanellus C3

Grade: 15W-40

API Grade: CF-4

Oil Type: Passenger Car Motor Oil

Volume: 20 Ltrs.

Quantity: 1 pc.

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Lubricants Brand Castrol
Lubricants Volume 20ltrs
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