3K Battery – NX120-7 (85Ah.)


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Brand: 3K
Model: NX120-7
Type: passenger car
Capacity: 12v.85Ah.
Warranty: N/A

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3K Battery is a flagship brand by TSB / Universal Energy Storage, one of the oldest and largest Battery Factory and battery supplier in Thailand with a monthly production of over 350,000 units.
To achieve the highest standard together with continuously increasing in production capacity and quality improvement under environmental protection, the company policy is focusing on the best quality and services toward customer’s satisfaction.

With the utilization of the latest technology from leading industrialized countries and wide vision of top executive management for “Change to Batter Way”. Moreover, the consistently progress and development of the company as well as the advanced technology and quality staffs who is the necessary parts to meet such stringent international standard.

Why 3k Batteries?

Functional appearance design based on actual usage. The ideal design is to facilitate as much as possible for end users. All function is developed under concept “User-Centric”, focusing on comfort, ease of use, and maintenance free throughout a lifespan.
1. Comfortable Handle: Handles are designed to be rounded. By reducing the sharp edge of the ridge on the grip to safety the hand from hurt while lifting the battery.
2. Magic Eye: Indicator of battery status which is OK (Full Charging), Recharge Battery (Need Recharged), and Replace Battery (Recommend to change).
3. Acid Leakage Free: Double lid sealed to prevent leakage of water from the battery.
4. Reinforce Housing: Lattice grid on the side of the battery is designed to prevent the container swelling when battery heats and have high pressure of the gas inside the battery coming from the chemical reaction.

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