CASTROL – ACTEVO 4T 20W-50 (1 ltr.)


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Castrol Act>evo 4T 20W-50 is a latest generation high quality engine oil developed specifically for use in 4-stroke (4-T) air and water cooled motorcycle engines. It is uniquely formulated with Active Protection Molecules (APM) advanced additive technology which provide a continuous layer of protection ensuring up to 70% wear reduction when compared to a standard JASO MA-2 motorcycle oil, tested in a standard ASTM wear test. Castrol Actevo 4T 20W-50 is uniquely formulated with Trizone Technology™ – Trizone testing uses Castrol’s own engine test methods to prove performance in the engine (good detergency and durability), reduced clutch slip and reduced gear pitting. The Castrol Act>evo 4T range has been tested over the equivalent of 600 000 km to ensure outstanding protection for motorcycles and scooters. Castrol Act>evo 4T 20W-50 engine oil is suitable for use in four-stroke motorcycle engines where SAE viscosity class SAE 20W-50 and API SJ, JASO MA2 specifications are recommended by the manufacturer and is also suitable for use in other means of transportation engines where the use of 4-T engine oils are specified (snow mobiles, lawn tractors etc. except 4-T marine engines). This engine oil is also suitable for use in engines fitted with exhaust after treatment devices. Castrol Act>evo 4T 20W-50 engine oil has excellent lubricity, excellent shear stability, high friction characteristics, protects from harmful deposit build up and reduces exhaust emissions.

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Grade: 20W-50
Oil Type: Motorcycle Engine Oil
Volume: 1 ltr.
Quantity: 1 pc.


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