CASTROL – CRB TURBO PLUS 15W-40 (10 ltrs.)


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Castrol CRB Turbo Plus 15W-40 with specially engineered DuraShield™ Boosters gives you up to two times engine life*, so that you are ready for every road.
Castrol CRB Turbo Plus’ DuraShield™ Boosters provide protection to your engine in 3 specific ways:
Preventing the agglomeration of soot as well as removing harmful soot particles from metal surfaces
Providing a protective film on the moving metal surface which resists breakdown even under difficult conditions, maintaining the film layer
Delivering improved deposit and corrosion protection by resisting thermal breakdown of the oil, and by neutralising harmful acids
Castrol CRB Turbo Plus 15W-40 DuraShield™ Boosters actively fights the main causes of engine damage, delivering superior protection and give you up to two times engine life.*
It is recommended for use in all naturally aspirated and turbo-charged diesel engines fitted in trucks, tractors, buses, goods carriers (LCVs), off-highway equipment, 3-wheelers and gensets.

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Grade: 15W-40
API Grade: CH-4
Oil Type: Diesel Engine Oil
Volume: 10 ltrs.
Quantity: 1 pc.

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