CASTROL – CRB TURBO PLUS 15W-40 (5 ltrs.)


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Castrol CRB Turbo Plus 15W-40 with specially engineered DuraShield™ Boosters gives you up to two times engine life*, so that you are ready for every road.
Castrol CRB Turbo Plus’ DuraShield™ Boosters provide protection to your engine in 3 specific ways:
• Preventing the agglomeration of soot as well as removing harmful soot particles from metal surfaces
• Providing a protective film on the moving metal surface which resists breakdown even under difficult conditions, maintaining the film layer
• Delivering improved deposit and corrosion protection by resisting thermal breakdown of the oil, and by neutralising harmful acids
Castrol CRB Turbo Plus 15W-40 DuraShield™ Boosters actively fights the main causes of engine damage, delivering superior protection and give you up to two times engine life.*
It is recommended for use in all naturally aspirated and turbo-charged diesel engines fitted in trucks, tractors, buses, goods carriers (LCVs), off-highway equipment, 3-wheelers and gensets.

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Grade: 15W-40
API Grade: CH-4
Oil Type: Commercial Vehicle Engine Oil
Volume: 5 ltrs.
Quantity: 1 pc.

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