Formula1 – Caranauba Wash & Wax (94ml.)


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Brand : FORMULA 1
Application : Body Shampoo & Wax
Volume : 0.95Ltr.
Quantity : 1Pc.

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If you want to wash your car effectively AND efficiently, try Formula 1 Carnauba Car Wash and Wax. Easy to use and wash off, this exceptional car cleaning agent give1ut penetrates deep inside your car?s recesses to remove accumulated layers of tough dirt, bugs, tar, and road grime. It promises a spotless clean for your vehicle that will leave it looking brand new.

The cleaning gel leaves behind a durable shine that lasts for an extended period of time after washing. It will make your car look sleek and smooth, as the glossy finish results in excellent water-beading to guard against water spots. Carnauba Car Wash and Wax also protects your car from dirt and damage, shielding the vehicle?s surface from the elements shortly after you wash it.

Unlike household washing liquids or powder detergents, this formula is easy to wash off and will not harm or dull your car?s paint finish. It is also fast and simple to use. Just add an ounce of the Carnauba Wash and Wax to 4 liters of water. Use a soft cloth or mitt to apply the mix on your car. Clean your vehicle section by section, starting from the top. Rinse your vehicle with clean water and wipe it dry. It?s that easy.

Make car cleaning a breeze with Formula 1 Carnauba Car Wash and Wax. This triple threat wash features deep cleaning, protection, and shine for your vehicle. Road dirt, bugs, and grime don?t stand a chance.

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