CASTROL – RADICOOL NF Coolant premix (1 ltr.)


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RADICOOL NF Coolant premix 1Ltr A general purpose ethylene glycol based coolant with corrosion inhibitors to protect aluminium alloys, copper and cast iron engine components.
Suitable for the majority of cars and light commercial vehicles with petrol and diesel engines. Has an in-vehicle service life of 4 years / 250,000 kilometres.
Mix with equal parts of water for optimum performance.
• Contains no nitrites, amines or phosphates
• Effective engine cooling without boiling
• Protection against corrosion in the alloys used in the cooling systems of modern vehicles
• Protection against freezing depending on the concentration
• Protection against electrolysis
• Protection against cavitation corrosion
• Efficient lubrication of water pumps
• Compatible


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Specification: Coolant Premix
Grade: N/A
API Grade: N/A
Volume: 1 ltr.
Quantity: 1 pc.

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