SF Sonic Battery – SK1080-150R 150Ah.


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Model: FS1440-DIN 65

Type: Car Battery

Capacity: 12V. 65Ah.

Warranty: 24 Months Free of Cost + 24 Months Pro-Rata 

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with its unparalleled power and superlative quality has by far been the most prudent choice for Indian roads. Creating a benchmark for automotive batteries, it has so far testified the drive of the age. It captures the pulse of a whole new generation that believes in reaching their dreams and successes at supersonic speed with the core philosophy that revolves around always keeping you ahead. SF Sonics quality and process control laboratory checks all incoming metals, components and bought out parts. Incoming and blended metals are analyzed for quality with optical emission spectrograph. Moreover, the SF Sonic R&D setup, approved by the Ministry of Science Technology Government of India, is a high-tech hub of innovation.

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